Why Word-A-Holic-Z ??

Underlining Method

Underlining helps you relate with words even after months.Next time you see the word,just try to remember the way we helped you underline and you crack the word.


This latest research based memory-enhancer is being widely used in education.It helps you relate a new concept with concepts you already know. Since this is the way our brain actually works, you stand to benefit.

Visual Appeal

Ever wondered why people can spend hours on Facebook without realising how time just flied.That's the power of a visual medium.They say 'a picture is worth thousand words'.True that is.Your retention improves 65% if you use a visual tool.

All In One Place

Learning a new word is not easy traditionally.You need to know the pronunciation,synonym,antonym,hindi(colloquial term),and more specifically the usage.We along with above also provide you mnemonics,visual links and underlining pattern all in one place.

Power Your Personality

Watch the people in top echelons carefully.Barrack Obama,Steve Jobs,Shahrukh Khan,Nandn Nilekani all are people highly successful in life and masters of words.They have made huge deposits into their vocab banks,and their success is for all to emulate.

Learn At Your Pace-Choose Your Method

We have multiple platforms where you can study.Don't limit studies only to books.Study on our Facebook Page,Whatsapp Broadcast,Twitter,LinkedIn,Glide Through Our Website, Download PDF's, Take PDF's Printout, Soon To Be Available APPs.Let not the method be an issue to limit your studies.

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Thu, 31 Mar

Quick Phrases To Tone Up Your Spoken English

Below are 150 phrases that must be mugged up by any student of Spoken English when he starts his journey to learn English Conversation. Small but effective these phrases have the power to make you sound like a native to anyone. As already argued in other blogs, it always better to master phrases tha

Thu, 31 Mar

Using Your Subconscious Mind To Learn Spoken Engli

Learning Spoken English is understood to be a difficult process.And since there are so many myths around the topic, students have to struggle for a longer period  to master it. One of the most underutilized resource/tool while learning a language is our brain.If we could somehow use the mental facu

Thu, 31 Mar

Shortcuts For Spoken English Mastery

#01 Think In English.Most of us have the habit of thinking in our mother tongue.That comes with years of practice as children.We are accustomed to thinking this way as a habit.This small change works wonders.While you are learning from other sources,thinking in English,gives you the much required pr

Thu, 31 Mar

Mastering Spoken English and Vocabulary

1. The first and foremost to develop mastery over communicative English is to listen to conversations between people.Better still if there is a transcript attached while you are watching a video.Remember kids learn this way.It helps for beginners to know how things are spoken so they understand the

Thu, 31 Mar

How Do Children Spoken English- What’s The Best

Learning any language comes naturally for small kids.Born into an Indian Hindi Speaking family they speak Hindi, and when born to English Speaking parents they pick up English. Many linguists now say that a newborn’s brain is already programmed to learn language meaning it is it’s as nat

Thu, 31 Mar

Unique Problems When Speaking In English

# 001 Confidence Reading and writing are different compared to speaking.Chances of error coming in a few and far between.Speaking on the other hand requires a direct interaction with the audience. Public Speaking is therefore one of the most dreaded things in any person’s life. # 002 Lack Of C


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